Piton Party in the Yard is Back for Carnival 2013

It is back! The biggest annual after work lime for carnival, “Piton Party in De Yard” is finally here. Fans have been clamoring and calling for the return of the event and after some restructuring; Piton Beer has beckoned to the wishes of the people and presents the first in the series for 2013 this Friday June 14. The venue remains the same, the CSA grounds in Sans Souci. Read More ... about Piton Party in the Yard is Back for Carnival 2013

Sneak Peek of Kaiso

For reasons which will remain unknown,  I have to sneak in a peak of Lucian kaiso whenever I can.   And what a sneak peak it was on Friday night when South Tent and Spectrum launched in a joint effort for the first show of the 2013 calypso season.  As I made my way to the Cultural Centre, I felt a little disassociated since the last full calypso season I attended was in 2009.  It was then a mixed bag, with a little of the good, a lot of the bad and a healthy dose of the ugly.  So with an open heart Read More ... about Sneak Peek of Kaiso


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