Yvana David wins 2015 Carnival Queen Pageant

2015 Carnival Queen Pageant WinnersMs Nagico Insurances, Yvana David is Saint Lucia's 2015 National Carnival Queen. There was absolutely no doubt who was winning as it was revealed that Yvana had topped all except one of the pageant's segments. The MCs' attempts to build suspense and nail biting anticipation had little effect as the majority of the crown chanted "Yvana, Yvana, Yvana ... NAGICO" during the long drawn out build up to the final announcement.

Looking Ahead to 2015 as the Curtains Come Down

Since launching LucianCarnival.com on 20th June 2001, we have observed a lot of evolution in the Carnival in Saint Lucia.  Despite many of the challenges, we strongly believe that much has been achieved in terms of growth particularly in creating new opportunities, activities and events.


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