Walleigh Retains Calypso Monarch in 2015 Final

Walleight 2015 - KoudmainThe much awaited and sometimes uncertain Calypso Monarch Final (finally) got under way at 8:30 pm Lucian Time or 8:37 UTC-04:00.  To warm us up, the Secondary Schools Calypso Monarch named Blinc made a delightful guest appearance that reassured us that the artform has a strong and bright future … now if only the authorities would remove that illogical age barrier and make the “Big Yard” truly a national competition where all ideas (and ages) can contend. The night promised to be intense and combative with six former monarchs in the running it was not going to be easy with perhaps the only other persons under more pressure being the judges.


Cupid, who is also a hopeful for the groovy and power soca titles, got the competitive phase started with "Criminal victim" telling the other side of the story for a police officer’s wife who is standing trial for his 2012 death. Her presentation dramatized a remorseful person that is also a victim in this crime.

Second up was Reddy doing "She Son's Note" relating to family members of persons who have committed suicide a serious issue that currently confronts our society. A very beautiful and timely piece, and the rendition seemed to have benefited from criticism raised earlier in the season about the tone and pace of the piece during the tent stage.

Next was four-time monarch De Invader with "De Lambirds Affair" highlighting the situation which the students from Nepal face in a comical political commentary, that even brought the subjects live on stage for its telling. 

At number four thrice crowned Ashanti asked "Sa Ki Weve" referring to the current state of affairs in the UWP camp, particularly the chances of the political leader to pull off a victory at the upcoming election.

Educator,  also a three-time king followed at the halfway mark with "I Believe" a tribute to the prolific Jeff ‘Pelay' Elva.  It not only highlighted some of the recent issues affecting calypsonians but also encouraging potential candidates going up for political office to deliver on the promises they make to the electorate while campaigning when they do come into office.

Appearing at number six, two-time queen Minelle warned "Everybody fooling everybody" making the point that persons who are too quick to accept at face value what they are being told may be easily mislead and even the "best" of society is fooling everybody. Children will return to the classroom this September and many of us will remember her words where she touched on the changing of books every year and how poor people are paying for what is not really new.

Seventh, Mary G sang "No One," introduced like many of the nights presentation with news footage on recent shooting incidents. Her song spoke to the current crime situation.

Ti Carro was next with "Blood Stain" reflecting on the present example being set for the youth by those who are supposed to be setting the example for them such as teachers, parents, police etc. He asked that we dig deeper to examine the root causes of issues affecting the youth.

2014 defending Monarch Walleigh would appear at the penultimate position with a song titled "Koudmain". Asking us all to join together for progress to be obtained in the country, in the home, in the community. Celebrate who we are as a nation, one where when United we can achieve great things.

Finally Nintus another former monarch in the competition, anchored the first-half with a song titled "Gail we go bawl". Referring to the infighting in the UWP Camp for leadership of the party.  His usual spirited and animated rendition was very well received. At the end of it all, he demonstrated how the situation could be resolved … um … finally and undisputedly.


Ti Caro - CrapaudCupid was "For King” early in the second round as she expressed her unwavering support for former Prime Minister, Stephenson King was recognized in this hilarious and witty piece, indicating that “I for King" because of his charisma, charm and kind heart. In the end Hon. Stephenson King made a cameo appearance and reciprocated by show his support and appreciation for his his loyal constituent on stage.

Reddy lamented a lot was "Not Working" as she examined high youth unemployment and having CXCs but not getting work, people being broke and not being able to pay bills, whilst enduring surcharges and other penalties.

Invader warned men "Don't Raise Your Hand” advising instead to cherish the women they are with “Love her in the morning, in the evening and in the night time.” Demanding a stop to all violence against women.

Ashanti observed that though people say "Nutting ain't running" those persons who are begging and crying are the same ones who live extravagantly.

Since the advent of groovy and soca, Educator said "Calypso Gone Slow" and is being overlooked as an art form, but he still believes it is one which can entertain, stimulate and provide commentary on everyday issues. Calypso is not only the mother of the other genre, its usefulness, humor, vigor and national significance is endless.

"Chastanet or Kenny” Minelle asked in this debut song which seeks an answer as to who is better placed to tackle current challenges affecting Saint Lucians such as our black dignity, the selling of the Queen's Chain and distribution of the country's resources. Based on the answers given by the two leaders, she will decide who deserves her vote.

"Mwen ka bay yo pan" the sauce pan was Mary G’s correction rod to help address the various issues plaguing society. As heard during her rendition the sweet sound of steelpan is also effective in countering the negativity plaguing the country.

Ti Carro suggested in "Crapaud" that instead of answering questions being asked head on, persons in the know choose to remain mum. So when you open the frog the story jumps out, literally.  As told many times in folklore and as believed by a still unknown interest involved in a court case last year that may be due to the influence of certain powers from our superstitious heritage.

In Walleigh’s second song with "Robots" he told us without trusting humanity, we may end up putting our trust in technology. He observed recent trends to modernize and introduce technology in the Parliament, agriculture, schools and in the home, but warned we need to check ourselves and our children, before we loose our humanity. The robots seem to be the future, but we need to be realistic and realize some situations require the human touch.

Nintus brought down the curtain with "un soufle" - in the olden days older parents used the soufle to discipline their children. When prominent persons misbehave, we need to serve them a soufle.  Comparison was made to little Jack Horner who sat on the corner, we offer a double soufle.


  • Calypso Monarch: 730 points - Walleigh
  • Second: 722 points - Cupid
  • Third: 690 points - De Invader
  • Fourth: 683 points - Reddy

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