Walleigh is King and Court Jester

Since the semis,Walleigh wins 2014 Calypso Monarch we knew that it was going to be a close and difficult to predict Calypso Monarch 2014 Final. Seven … no eight former titleholders, plus the rookie of the year and one achiever equals the biggest battle royal that we've seen in recent memory.

As usual, they came to sing about current events and with particular focus and emphasis on the current economic climate and industrial relations within the public service. The general consensus among us fans was that the vocal renditions, accompanying music and overall performances were all of a high standard. No one envied the huge responsibility and challenge that the judges would have in separating the sheep from the goats. Linus Herelle presided over the judging panel which consisted of Sherman Sylvester, Dainea Augier-Stephens, Jacqueline John, Tara Leonard, Anthony Alcindor, Mark Siflet and Urban Dolor.

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In the end the 2014 Calypso Monarch would go to Wulstan “Walleigh” Alfred who scored 737 points performing “Stich Reform” written by Delthia Naitram and “Street Vibes” written by himself; both songs were arranged by Timothy Mondesir. King Walleigh gets to remit $30,000 in his treasury and a brand new water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S5 from Digicel, main sponsor of Carnival 2014.

Several persons in the small crowd gathered around us expressed hopes that Ashanti would at least place within the higher echelons, however it was not to be this time around.

Although Minelle Delice was not able to defend her crown successfully, she was able to rack up 720 points to hold off the rest of the field of hopeful males and secured second place with “The Power of Words” and some major “Back Pain”. Based on the program we were handed, it would appear that she and her team had a change of heart for the rendition “Incompy Tent.”

Nintus Magre took third place scoring 717 points for “Cultural Revival” and “Square Holes”; while Ignatius “Invada” Tissin rounded off the top four with 679 points whist taunting “The Shepard” to move his flock out of here and a plea for the “Helen of the West.”

We have no clue as to the placements of the rest of the competitors, however their songs are listed as follows:

  • Herb Black – “Reparation Now” & “Do de Maths”
  • Achiever – “Happiness” & “Lan pa Ni Zo”
  • Dennis James – “Now I am Sixty-Five” & “This Caribbean Man”
  • Hitty – “Life’s a School” & “Calypso’s Virgin”
  • Ashanti – “Death to the Black King” & “False Advertising”
  • Educator – “Standing Tall” & “Addicts”

The prize for the most Humorous Calypso was also declared following the conclusion of the Calypso Monarch Final. Walleigh captured that prize as well with “Street Vibes”, followed by Ti Carro’s “Minister of Erection”, Ashanti’s “False Advertising” and Blaze’s “De Rum.”