Ritual's Protrayal for Carnival 2KGREAT

Rituals Carniaval BandRituals is one of the fixtures on the road for Carnival, this year they portray "Rain Forest".


All the silent splendour of St. Lucia’s rainforest is reflected in the graceful foliage of the fwigere tree-fern. This monarch of all ferns reigns over a family of 10,000 species, and towers to heights exceeding 30 feet. Its giant rosette of spring-green leaves radiates like a multi-layered umbrella spanning more than 20 ft in width and providing shade and succour to samplings below. This graceful plant thrives in tropical rainforests around the world and can be admired on the our island’s many forested slopes where it thrives in proud profusion. Except, of course at carnival time when the forest takes to the streets.

DRY FORESTIn all species there is an in-born capacity for regeneration.

The dry forest is part of the unending cycle of life that turns from emerald to bronze and back again. Life, like hope, springs eternal from the ravishes of fire, flood, drought and disease. Humans have come to rely on this natural resilience, taking for granted nature’s power to overcome their own relentless stupidity. The planet has been here for billions of years. It will survive. It will save itself. The question is whether we will survive with it.

AMAZONAInspired by the resplendent plumage of the South American macaw

Amazona is a celebration of that crucible of life which is the world’s largest natural wonder. Covering over 1 billion acres, the Amazon rain forest represents more than half of our planet’s surviving rainforest and is the cradle of Earth’s richest bio-diversity of plant and animal life and. Inhuman beings pose the biggest threat to this global treasury. Human activity including deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, logging and cultivation could render the Amazon unsustainable by the year 2100, leading to an almost complete loss

of rainforest cover.AMERINDIA

This section celebrates the native peoples of the world, deeply cultured civilisations founded on an enduring understanding of the delicate balance of life on planet Earth. This portrayal is dedicated to the remaining decendants of the Caribbean’s original people, the Amerindian Caribs and Aruaks who lived for centuries in harmony with their natural environments and who suffered near extinction

at the hands of ignorant colonial maurauders.REDANZ

Earth is home to over 30 million species of insects which account for 90% of rainforest animal life. This includes 1000 different species of ants… among this planet’s most resilient of life-forms. Ants are highly social beings which can’t always be said of humans. They live together in organized colonies and have complex systems which help them work, communicate and live together. As in human colonies, there are thief ants, slave ants, pet ants, and even guest ants. In the Amazon rainforest, there may be over 3.5million ants per acre, which brings a whole new meaning to the concept of cohabitation.


Butterflies are the winged monarchs of the rainforest. Some species travel thousand of miles each year in search of ideal living and feeding conditions. They are the tourists of the insect world clocking up frequent-flyer miles for their next annual migration. They take vacations in Central America and the Caribbean, redecorating the landscape with their vibrant wing colour. As Caribbean people we also travel great distances taking our colourful culture with us across the globe.


This portrayal symbolizes the exotic beauty and fragility of the rainforest, home to over 25,000 species of orchids. That’s about four times the number of mammal species, and more than twice the number of bird species on the planet. They comprise the most diverse family of plants and have been around for about 70 million years; about as far back as the dinosaurs. They bloom in tropical regions of Asia, Africa and the Americas. Like many of the wonders of our world there are probably many more species waiting to be discovered.

That won’t happen if we continue to destroy our fragile eco-environment.Don't forget the access www.ritualscarnival.com to see the costumes and to sign up.TEXT SUPPLIED BY RITUAL CARNIVAL BAND