Mas Band Champions

Mas Band Year Portrayal
Rituals 2014

TROY - Empire Of Desire

Rituals 2013 Viva Brasilia
Rituals 2012 Nubia of the Nile
Mas Action 2011 Tomas The Destroyer
Mas Action 2010 El Dorado ... Quest for Savage Gold
Mas Action 2009 Castries Market
Mas Action 2008 Shangri La The Forbidden City
Mas Action 2007 Tribute to our Calypso Greats
X S Energy 2006 X
Mas Action 2005 'Journey Across the Sahara'
Mas Action 2004  
Mas Action 2003 'Tall Tales Myths & Legends'
XS Energy 2002  
XS Energy 2001  
St. Lucian Spirit 2000 'Of Gods and Godesses'