Looking Ahead to 2015 as the Curtains Come Down

Since launching LucianCarnival.com on 20th June 2001, we have observed a lot of evolution in the Carnival in Saint Lucia.  Despite many of the challenges, we strongly believe that much has been achieved in terms of growth particularly in creating new opportunities, activities and events. Initiatives like Line Jam, Cooler Lime, Love - Passion - Music, Wet Fete, Outrageous Sexy in Black, Color Me Red and the Community Carnivals, have eclipsed officially organized activities, and are testament that Lucian Carnival is truly of the people by the people for the people.

We would like to believe that we have made a small contribution towards that evolution through LucianCarnival.com. Our team has managed through the love of carnival and national pride, to create what is arguably the best source of information and trivia on the festival. Our portal has grown so rapidly in recent years that we sometimes we find it difficult to meet your requests, but we continue to work hard to integrate your suggestions for improvement whilst testing some new ideas of our own.

It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We have seen several attempts to set up websites and blogs targeting “the Saint Lucian” especially during Carnival; it not only motivates us, but also reminds us that we must continue to innovate and find new ways to engage and keep the interest of you our loyal fans. LucianCarnival.com is very grateful and proud of its small but dynamic and energetic team who have brought their years of experiences and expertise in media, design, research, content archival and marketing for your benefit. We are also thankful to our other contributors and welcome any who wish to work with us, recognizing and appreciating the significance of this initiative to our people and culture and its role in serving as a reference and "unofficial" guide to Saint Lucia's Carnival. 

Another season has concluded, but we are not taking a break and are already working on enhancements. These will include historical footnotes on Carnival in Saint Lucia and profiles on the various contributors without whose hard work there would be nothing to celebrate and enjoy. We have started compiling footage and stories that will immerse you and take you on an adventure behind the scenes of Saint Lucia Carnival and we hope help relive some very fond moments. It will not only provide us with a greater understanding of the festival, its significance, origins and how it has developed; but will also highlight the positive aspects of Lucian Carnival and promote the creative, industrial and cultural talents of our people and our partners. In short, it will showcase to the world the many great contributions that ensure the success of Lucian Carnival and its importance to Saint Lucia.

Click here to see the Calendar for next year and keep checking as we update it ;-)

Our major focus for Carnival 2015 will be the community carnivals and the fringe activities happening around the central spectacle. We therefore wish to invite you to give us the heads up on what are your plans for the coming year, so that we can align them with ours as early as possible, just give us a call or send us a line using our contact page.


Hurt It!Last Lap Results for Saint Carnival 2014

Road March

  1. J Mouse "HURT IT"​​​
  2. Derek Yarde “Kabawé”
  3. Ricky T “De Truth”

Band of the Year

  1. Rituals Carnival - "TROY - Empire Of Desire"
  2. St. Lucian Spirits - "Apres La Pliue"
  3. Just 4 Fun – “What Lies Within"
  4. Royalites Extreme - "Mother Earth"
  5. Red Unlimited - "Our Story: Ten Shades of Red"
  6. Toxik Nation – “Of Legends And Warriors”
  7. Looshan Revellers – “Carnival Is We Ting Around The World”
  8. Legends Carnival – “A Tribute to Desmond McNamara”
  9. Insommeil Carnival – “Derek Walcott Square"

Individual of the Year

  1. Sharon Tanner - Rituals - “Helen of Troy”
  2. Mugabi Edgar - Rituals - “Paris Enters The Gates of Sparta”
  3. Martin Dorville - Rituals - “Revenge of Achilles”
  4. Nicky Williams - Rituals - “Athena, Daughter of Zeus”

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​Carnival Pageant Special Prizes

  • Cuthbert Anthony Best Design Award and Roddy Walcott Best Portrayal was won by Rituals Carnival " TROY- Empire of Desire"
  • Euralis Bouty Mas on the Move was won by JUst4Fun " What Lies Within"

J'ouvert Band of the Year

  1. Back In Times Inc. - "The People who Came"
  2. Moko Flix - "Jab Mollassie"
  3. Mudsters - "Pirates of the Muddy Harbour"
  4. Triple D's - "Jouvert Time is my Time"​​

​Ole MAS

  1. Cuthbert "Trois tee Nez" Modeste - "Guy Two Teeth"
  2. Matthew Mark “Boots Dumped and Teddy Bear Gets Mas Post Back”
  3. Carlton Ishmael “Since the advent of VAT, a lot of business clothes down”
  4. Kensley Haynes “False Advertising”

Click here to see the scenes from J'ouvert