Ezra Brings Fun and New Life to Lucian Soca

2014 Power Monarch Ezra "d'Fun Machine" Augustin - Bacchanal RampageJouvet morning someone asked me who had won the Soca Monarch competition? "Ezra" I replied. "Ezra?" she asked with a little puzzled look on her face "Who's EarsRa?" I retorted, "But everybody knows Ezra! De man from Red, jean Gozilay, you know de fella on de Boat Ride video on Facebook." Unhesitatingly she confirms "D'Funmachine!!! Gason why you eh just say D'Funmachine?!?

2014 Power Monarch Results

  1. Ezra “Bacchanal Rampage” – 366 points
  2. Ambi “Free” – 350 points
  3. J Mouse Hurt It” – 347 points

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We met Ezra the week before the show and observed that the guy with the deep voice, all that energy and fun and who was so outgoing and engaging, is truly not stoosh, he's a humble soul and most appreciative of the love and presence of his friends and family (blood and water variety) around him.

When the MC called for the groovy and power soca competitors to assemble on stage for the results and prize giving ceremony, we observed that as Ezra made his way up he congratulated every single one of his fellow artistes, the band and supporting crew members. The most telling moment however was the announcement of Ezra as the new soca king. He froze in total shock and disbelief, the MC motioned and he didn’t move forward, even the other artistes and press had to repeat to him that he had just won and nudge him forward before he slowly made his way to claim his crown, trophy and prizes. Following his encore performance we asked Ezra what was in his mind when he heard that he had won the 2014 Power Monarch? After a very noticeable pause he replied “… what going on there?”

“Bacchanal Rampage” was written by Ezra and El Nathan Cyril and produced by the multitalented Orlando “Hyper-D” Philip and Saint Lucia’s soca genius and mad musical scientist Thygeson “Penn” Joseph.

Click here to see the intro to "Bachanal Rampage" then proceed below to view his winning performance

Ezra's emergence to the top of the soca ladder almost didn't happen, even some of his closest friends who supported his entry onto the stage as just another fun moment at Red Unlimited’s events had told him to wait it out another year. Then there were all the soaps, legal maneuvers, and drama around eligibility and qualifying for Ezra, J Mouse and Esteban. In the end not only did good instincts and judgment prevail for Ezra Augustin, but I dare say that benefits will also redound to soca music and the fans.

The controversy had created a following around the #NoStoosh and #hurtit camps, we have new buzzwords and expressions for situations that confront us, and the new faces that have emerged to dominate have created a new landscape and breathed new life to the art form. Some blood may have been spilt, but we hope that no love has been lost. To the regulars and those who may not be standing on the pedestal this year we say to you that you fought a good fight and we look forward to your return and you giving the very best to us your loyal fans throughout the coming year. In hindsight, one can only wonder if it was all a brilliantly crafted and premeditated publicity stunt for the promotion of Carnival, which had been having a very tacit and slow start to have the fans feeling and hurting it.

The order of appearance for the Power Soca Monarch held on 20th July 2014

  1. J Mouse – “Hurt It”
  2. Ezra – “Bacchanal Rampage”
  3. Ambi – “Free”
  4. HP – “Pass it Senior”
  5. Derek Yarde – “Kabawe”
  6. Mantius – “Peace and Love”
  7. Kakal – “He or She”
  8. Ricky T – “De Truth”
  9. Q-Pid – “Balanga”
  10. Siah – “I in Dat”