Caribbean Soca Criteria

MUSIC - 45 points Melody - 15 points Strengths and weaknesses of the melody; does it seem complete with a clear sense of inner design; does the tune carry the message effectively; is it married to the lyric in terms of measurement; does it capture the mode of the theme. Arrangement - 20 points Does it suit the mood and tempo; does it have the proper key of orchestration; does the key carry the melody effectively; effectiveness of back-up vocals. Rhythm - 10 points Effectiveness of the rhythmic patterns in the delivery of the song and its music. LYRICS - 25 points Lyrics 10 points The lyrics should support the basic theme and must be compatible with the party atmosphere to be created.  Is the treatment of the topic original; text should be well introduced, developed and rounded off; does it contain catchy hooks and have an easy singalong style. Rendition  10 points The way the singer uses the voice to effectively interpret the song, expression of nuances of vocal chords and harmony, is the singer using the proper key, is there accurate pitch; is the mode of the song reflected in the singing style. Diction  5 points Quality of articulation.  Is the performer effectively communicating the song and improving the understanding of its lyrics. PERFORMANCE - 15 points Use of stage 10 points How effectively does the performer reach the audience within the span of the entire stage, effective microphone technique. Demonstration 5 points This includes the use of dress props, stagehands, dancers, are these symbols of communication assisting or interfering with the presentation of the song, are they original symbols? ORIGINALITY 5 points Are the melody and arrangement original; are pieces of other people’s music included; are there novel music ideas in the arrangements or melody; is there any successful incorporation of unusual musical instruments or combination of instruments. CROWD RESPONSE - 10 points How does the singer effectively use the call and response to effect, is the performer able to have the crowd mimic his own energy level and antics; the performer’s gesticulations as with the use of rags and flags.