Calypso Monarch Criteria

LYRICS Theme Expression Content Quality

  • Does the Calypso have a distinct recognizable theme?
  • How well do the words develop and support the theme?
  • Do the verses flow /develop with the chorus to reinforce the theme and meaning of the song?

Word craft

  • Appropriateness of choice of works.
  • Use of satire, subtlety, double entendre, irony, wit, humor, puns, play on words.
  • Quality of rhyme.


  • Do the words compliment each other smoothly and comfortably? Is the song over-crowded with the singer having to rush words to get them in?
  • How smoothly do the lyrics flow’ along with the arrangement?


  • Unusually interesting interpretation of the topic or the effective incorporation of local colour / experiences into the calypso.

MUSIC Melody

  • Strength and party appeal of the song. Melody of the verses, sung chorus and band chorus.
  • Does the tune carry the message effectively? Is it married to the lyrics in terms of its meter?
  • Does it capture the mood of the theme?


  • Does it suit the mood and tempo?
  • Are particular instruments/sounds used to specially create and convey mood?
  • Does the arrangement compliment the rendition?
  • Do the back-up vocals compliment and enhance the arrangement?


  • Are the melody and arrangement original?
  • Are pieces of other people’s music included?
  • Are there novel musical ideas in the arrangement or melody?
  • Is there any successful incorporation of unusual musical instruments or combination of instruments?


  • Does the singer use his/her voice to effectively interpret the song?
  • Is the singer in the proper key? Is the manner of singing in keeping with the mood of the song?
  • Is the diction clear and understandable?


  • The use of body, body language/hands, facial expression. Use of dress.
  • The use of the stage.
  • The use of the microphone.
  • Are these being used to more effectively communicate the song and to improve the understanding of its lyrics?


  • This includes the use of props, stagehands, and dancers.
  • Are the other symbols of communication assisting or interfering with the presentation of song?
  • Are they original symbols?