Arthur is 2014 Groovy Soca Monarch

2014 Groovy Soca Monarch Arthur​Saint Lucia we proudly introduce your 2014 Groovy Soca Monarch Arthur Allain who was focused on nothing else this year than Carnival. Without any hesitation he was able to snatch victory at appearance position number one. Arthur's "Numb" was written by himself and Daniel Dubois and composed by him.
  • 2014 Groovy Soca Monarch - Arthur "Numb" (378 points);
  • 2nd Place - Ambi (368 Points);
  • 3rd Place - former Monarch Ricky T (365 points)

Groovy Soca Monarch Order of Appearance

  1. Arthur - "Numb"
  2. Esteban - "Just Doing Me"
  3. Mantius - "No Guns Allowed"
  4. Q-Pid - "A Little Whining"
  5. Mysterio - "Loco"
  6. Mongstar - "Bad on the Road"
  7. Ambi - "Bumper is Mine"
  8. HP - "True Colors"
  9. Nickler - "No Girl Can Take My Man"
  10. Ricky T - "I Am Soca" 

Click here to see the introduction to his video and then proceed below for his award wining performace: