2012 Carnival Queen Contestants

Sadia Hippolyte

Realizing her fullest potential is a journey which fuels her every endeavor including her participation in this year’s Carnival Queen Show. Sadia Hippolyte is a twenty year old resident of the historic Morne Fortune and an aspiring actress. For her, “if there were ever a time to dare, to make a difference, to embark on something worth doing, it is now.”

Sadia’s love for drama and the performing arts is unquestionable. She discovered her talent in the area of dance from the age of eight. Her talent was further nurtured through the Silver Shadows Performing Arts Academy, of which she is still an active member. Sadia was introduced to the wonderful world of acting at her Alma Mater; the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School, for which she will forever be grateful. Her passion for drama has been further developed as a result of membership in Zenaida Productions; a prestigious organization for Theatre Arts.

Sadia’s talents also extend to singing and sports, specifically athletics. She believes that her involvement in those areas has aided her in becoming a more grounded individual and provided the discipline necessary to attain her dreams.

She is thankful for the opportunity that the Carnival Queen Pageant affords young ladies like her, to portray their talents and intellect as a first step to realizing their dreams.


Shena Francis

Shena Franchesca Francis was born on July 10th, 1990 to Colette Francis and Mathew Charles. She grew up in the small west coast community of Canaries, where she attended the Canaries Infant and Primary Schools.

From 2003, Shena attended the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School, where she engaged in extra-curricular activities such as netball, drama and track & field and serving as Captain of the School’s netball team, school prefect and Vice Captain of her School house.

In September of 2008, Shena attended the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College where she pursued an Associate Degree in Business Administration. After graduation, Shena gained employment at Saint Lucia Distillers as a Customer Service Representative, and was able to participate in the first ever Canaries Carnival Queen Show as Miss Bounty Rum in 2011.

Shena is currently employed by 1st National Bank of Saint Lucia as a Customer Service Representative. During her spare time, Shena participates as a model with Silhouette Fashion House in fashion shows, photo shoots and runway events. She believes that being a model creates a medium for her to express her creativity, boldness and just have clean fun.

Shena has aspirations of modeling throughout the Caribbean and internationally, and what better way to start but as the Carnival Queen in Saint Lucia’s Carnival Queen Pageant. In addition, she hopes on being able to further her studies in Finance and Accounting.


Janelle Desir

21 year old Janelle Desir was born and raised in the community of Fond St. Jacques Soufriere, and is the first of three children. She was raised in an extended family with her Grand mother being the head of the household. She did all of her schooling in Soufriere after which she attended the Sir Arthur Lewis community college where she studied Business Administration.

At the age of 19 Janelle was appointed as the News Editor for a community radio station in Soufriere “88.5 Soufrierefm”. It was her first time in the industry so it was quite a challenge for her to work alongside experts that have been in the industry for a while. However she enjoyed doing her job as a news editor, and the Mass Communication field which she loves.

Janelle is currently employed at Discovery at Marigot Bay as a front office agent. She enjoys dancing, planning events and reading. Personal Motto “Loving the life you live makes it worth Living”.

Janelle's future ambitions are to establish a Center in St. Lucia for young ladies who get pregnant as teenagers and can’t afford to care for the baby. This center will provide moral help in terms of Qualified Counselors spending time with those young person’s as well as qualified mid-wives. The center will also be a place of shelter for persons who have been sexually abused.


Tamica Gaskin

Tamica Gaskin was born on 28th April 1992, to Alice Orie and Errol Gaskin.  She is from a family of eleven and being the one before the last, she grew up having a fun filled but disciplined childhood.

Tamica attended the Canon Laurie Anglican Infant and Primary School, which had a huge impact on her life. At a very tender age, Tamica was enrolled at the Saint Lucia School of Ballet, which allowed her to be even more disciplined, but between schooling and ballet, she was able to make many new friends and would consider her days at Primary school as some of the best days of her schooling life.

Tamica entered the Corinth Secondary School, where she participated in a variety of school and sporting activities.  She was part of the school’s drama group, where she gained a passion for acting.

Upon graduating from the Corinth Secondary School, Tamica considered taking up modelling as a career, because she enjoyed modelling and was given the nickname “The Top Model” by her school friends. Tamica’s love for beauty and bringing out the true beauty in people would cause her to enrol at Caribbean Styles School of Cosmetology; she is currently self employed as a cosmetologist and whereas most cosmetologist work in salons and beauty spas, Tamica brings her services to her clients, which is unique. It is her intention to further her studies in cosmetology.

Tamica is also the Chief Executive Officer of Doll House Modelling Agency a company established and owned by her.


Kershara Williams

Kershara Williams, born April 9, 1990 and affectionately known by her friends as ‘Shara” is originally from the community of Jacmel and an only child of Frances Williams, Pastry Supervisor at one of the island’s leading resorts.

She attended the Vide Boutielle Primary School and later moved on to the Corinth Secondary School. During her five years at CSS, she played an integral role in the school’s choir; she was a member of the Red Cross, the Young Leaders, and Cheer Leaders and was also her House Vice President. Kershara credits her strong personality and perseverance to her mother’s ambitions.

Kershara is an avid love of photography and modeling. Her love and passion for this art led her to join the C Definition Fashion Agency at a tender age of 17 which lent to her interest in becoming a contestant in this year’s National Carnival Queen Pageant. During her time at the agency, she participated in many public performances such as  street fashion shows where she gained much confidence in herself. When she’s not modeling, Kershara enjoys just getting lost in a good novel or a book which enhances her development.

Kershara is currently employed with the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort as a Front Office Agent; a position which allows her the opportunity to ensure that vacation is enjoyed and memorable for the guests of the resort.

Her career goal is to continue working in the Hospitality Industry  and further her studies in Tourism Marketing. She believes tourism is a vital industry for the future development of Saint Lucia.

Kershara believes that Saint Lucia has acquired tremendous exposure in achieving its efforts of the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival but thinks more can be done to enhance Lucian Carnival and Jounen Kweyol.


Ashlei Olivia Alcide

Ashlei Olivia Alcide, born November 1st, 1990; to parents Agnes Alcide and Eustace Alexander, is originally from the community of La Toc.

She attended the Ave Maria Girl’s Primary School and later moved on to the Saint Joseph’s Convent. During her five years at SJC, she participated in the inter-class Calypso; she was a member of the school’s netball team, and was also President of the School’s Chess Club. On graduating from SJC with nine (9) subjects, she pursued an Associate Degree in Computer Systems Engineering, after which she taught a kindergarten class at the Odsan Combined School.

Ashlei is currently employed with A Best Auto Repair as the Office Administrator; a position which she moved into after her teaching stint at the Odsan Combined School. Ashlei is very fond of children and believes that teachers as well as parents are the gardeners who will help children blossom into well mannered and refined adults. As a result, Ashlei intends to continue her education so as to attain the credentials necessary to become a qualified teacher at the Primary School level, whereby she can provide children with the direction and instructions necessary for them to move to the secondary level.

An active member of the Methodist Youth Choir, Ashlei also aspires to learning the guitar and piano and taking refresher courses in reading music. An avid reader of Japanese Manga (Japanese version of comics) and Anime, she wishes to learn the Japanese language as a means to help with her intense interests in foreign cultures.

As far as her hobies go, she enjoys singing, dancing, playing steel pan, poetry, songwriting, arts and craft and drawing. Ashlei is also a member of the Untitled 51 movement, which seeks to bring young people together by helping them to express themselves through dance.

Ashlei believes that she has grown to be a strong individual who approaches all situations positively and analytically. She hopes that in taking part in this year’s Carnival Queen Pageant, that she can show other young ladies that they should always have complete faith in their abilities.


Sherwinner Kiether Eleuthere

Sherwinner Kiether Eleuthere was born on the 7th October, 1992 to Ms. Gwendalene Eleuthere and Mr. Ludwin Lord. Sherwinner grew up as a vibrant, free spirited, outgoing, adventurous young lady. She attended the Convent Pre School where she got the nickname ‘butterfly’ as a result of her overactive nature. She was always on the move and teachers had difficulty keeping up with her.

At the Carmen Rene Memorial School, she was often seen as the class leader and teacher’s pet as she was often called upon to do simple tasks for the teachers. It is from there her leadership qualities started to germinate. After seven years at that school she moved on to the Babonneau Secondary School.

It is at the Babonneau Secondary School that Sherwinner really blossomed into a talented, outstanding, dedicated and ambitious young lady, showcasing her talent in drama and public speaking. Her teacher, Ms. Medard encouraged her constantly to take up acting and pageantry. She first took part in the Ms. Valentine pageant and because of her natural skill and ability she outperformed the other students and emerged victorious.

Her debate coach Mr. Rafer Gordon seeing great potential in her, encouraged her to be an orator. She perfected the skill of debating and represented the school proudly at many debating competitions. Her debating skills also enabled her to take part in youth parliament where spoke on many pertinent issues affecting the youth.

As her skills, talent and passion grew for these areas, she began seeing what everyone especially her uncle Gregory Lord saw in her. She became filled with the determination and motivation to explore her true talents. As a result she took advantage of every opportunity to perform in any school play, talent exposition and pageant.

Sherwinner is currently a student at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College furthering her education in the field of carpentry and joinery. Her goal is to become a building construction teacher whilst owning her own construction company.

Sherwinner is a fun, creative and charming young lady with a natural beauty and grace that help her stand out from the rest of the world.


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