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Carnival Roundup

Winning at all costs

Quarter finals are on as we speak and I would guess that everyone involved is already conceptualizing how they can distinguish themselves from the rest of the competition.  There are of course the basics like choosing the correct competition song.  Luckily for most, that is not even an issue because in a two song competition the two song man is saved the dilemma of choice.  Then there is the small feat of remember the lyrics of the songs you do chose to enter.  Ordinarily that should not be such a worry because t

27 for Groovy Prelims at Spinners

After a delayed, slow start Lucian Carnival looks set to roll out of bed finally this week. The Carnival bands fired off long before the official start of the season, so long infact the we had to double check if it was 2011 or 2k12

One Tent Too Many - NG Soca Stage Launch 2012

I had the good fortune of attending the NG Soca Stage Launch at the new venue, Point Seraphine Waterside.  I could barely contain my excitement because it was the first and only tent I could attend this year.  I had heard snippets of the offerings over the radio but I was really hungry for more.  I don’t know why I was surprised at the turn of events but I was.

Carnival Central

Teddy Francis

It is perhaps an undisputable fact that Saint Lucians can talk.  All you have to do is to tune into your radio to any of the talk shows to prove it.  There are some of us who are more listeners than talkers.  I must confess to being one of the silent ones who listens closely to all the opinions and ideas that come over the airways. 

Carnival Queen Show Auditions this Saturday

Castries, Saint Lucia – The Cultural Development Foundation and the Carnival Queen Pageant Committee will present the official “Auditions” for the 2012 Carnival Queen pageant, this Sunday 20th May, 2012 at the National Cultural Centre from 1:00 pm.

Lucian Carnival 2011 Final Results

Saint Lucia Carnival 2011 Last Lap ResultsRoad March

  1. Ricky T "Mad Ting" 18 points
  2. Mongster "Glo-ko-ko"13 points
  3. DJ HP "Drunkerneers" 11 points
  4. Ricky T "Indian Girl" & Superman "Mash-Up" 10 points

Band of the Year

  1. Mas Action .. The Band "Tomas" 451 points
  2. Rituals "Glory of the Ganges" 413 points
  3. Red Unlimited "Redemption" 392 points
  4. St. Lucian Spirit "Historical Footnote" 387 points

Menell is 2011 Calypso Monarch

Menelle 2011 Calypso MonarchSaint Lucia has a new Calypso Monarch 2011. Menell of South Calypso Tent captured the crown with 762 points for her rendition of "Two Toms" in the first round and "Rebellious Youth" in the second. Second place also went to South Calypso Tent.

Ricky T is King ... again

It was almost 4 in the morning but the massive crowd at Beausejour had enough energy to "behave mad 'n off" as Ricky T was crowned St. Lucia's 2011 Party Soca Monarch

Babonneau Win Big in Panorama

At the end of the night it was a double victory for Babonneau as bands from that community topped both small and large band categories

LIME Presents the Most Exciting Night of St Lucia Carnival

First the return of Panorama and then the greatly anticipated Outrageous Sexy in Black hosted by the Wave


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