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Carnival Roundup

Color Me Red…Too Late for Dat!

Saint Lucians are famous for fly by night fans that love you one minute and can’t stand you the next.  I should know because I am truly Lucian.  So having to go to see Machel for the second time in two years was not necessarily a good thing given that you were targeting these very fickle fans.  However, that is just what Red Unlimited chose to do for their annual Color Me Red concert. 

TJ is King in the Land of Whine

Teddyson John, Saint Lucia's 1st ever Groovy Soca Monarch, has once again captured the top prize as he bested 13 other hopefuls including last year's Groovy Monarch Ricky T.

2012 Groovy Soca Monarch Results:

1st Place- Teddyson John- "Land of Whine"- 379pts
2nd Place- Ricky T- "Mosquito"-371 pts
3rd Place- Ambi - "Roll"-354 pts

Rituals Captures 2012 Band Royal Titles

Rituals Carnival - The Golden Pyramid of PIYERituals Carnival captured the titles of Queen and King of the Bands with it's 10th anniversary portrayal of NUBIA on the NILE an Egyptian masquerade celebrating the contribution of Nubian Society to global culture.

Results for the King and Queen of the Bands 2012:


Fete After Fete

By all indications I was going to miss carnival in Saint Lucia this year.  My work load was just crazy and there was just no way for me to get the time off I needed to be here.  I could not suffer in silence so at every opportunity I was whining about how unfair life was and how I wish I were rich yadda yadda yadda.  Lucky for me my co-worker is a Trini so she offered to cover for me while I took a few days off to come home for a much needed vacation.  My Trini sister understands that bacannal is essential and that missing

All set for another Outrageous Friday!

Saint Lucians are loving the final and best days of this year's Carnival season. Panorama and Outrageous Sexy in Black, will both take place on Friday 13 July, less than 72 hours before the Parade of Bands and sponsored by telecommunications provider LIME.

Machel Montano Proves why he is Soca King

Machel Montano rocked the crowd on Wednesday July 11 at the Beausejour Cricket Ground for 'Colour Me Red' which has become a  must see event during the Carnival celebrations.

This year's show was bigger and better than last year's and was eagerly anticipated as evident by the early turnout of patrons and the smooth uninterupted flow of the performers routines.

Red Ant is 2012 Police Kaiso Chief

It was ladies night at Kaiso Headquarters, the annual Calypso Competition of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force and other allied units including the St. Lucia Fire Service, Borderlais Correctional Facility and the St. Lucia Ports Police. This year the activity was held in honor of and for the assistance of Tamara “Brown Sugar” Wilfred, who suffered injuries in a vehicle accident. Brown Sugar has been regular and high-ranking competitor at the "H.Q." over the past few years.

Janelle Desir is Miss Saint Lucia 2012

The show started out with the Master and Mistress of Ceremony, Mr Pringles, Radio Announcer and Soca Artist and Miss Wendy Fitz William, former Miss Universe, of Trinidad and Tobago.  I certainly did not miss the stage decor "wow" I was blown away, the choice of colours,was superb and perfect for the evening. Many patrons turned out.  Every sponsor brought their crew along to cheer on their favourite.

New Carnival Queen Crowned!

Janelle Desir, Miss Super J contestant of the recently held National Carnival Queen 2012 pageant, has emerged the 2012/2013 winner. Janelle, who hails from Soufriere, beat six other contestants to win the keenly contested crown. Miss Sadia Hippolyte won the first runner up, Kershara Williams came in as the second runner up, while Tamica Gaskin came in as the third runner up.

XS Neo Withdraws from Carnival Celebrations

The Management Committee of the XS Neo Carnival Band has decided to withdraw from participation in Saint Lucia Carnival 2012.   

The Committee has cited late registration and generally slow reveller response as the primary reasons for its decision stating that the current volume of sales did not provide the numbers required to make a meaningful portrayal and viable carnival product.


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