Fabulous Piton Girls
Queen of the Band
King of the Bands
French Contingent
Color Me Red
Carnival Queen Pageant
Soca Stars
Red Unlimited
King of the Band
Sexy in Black
De Educator
Queen of the Band
Kiddies Carnival
Carnival Queen Pageant
Kes the Band
Carnival Parade
Color Me Red
Ole Mas

Carnival Roundup

Competition and the Art Form

Come let us debate the utility or futility of judging the artistry in Calypso, for competition purposes. Some of the key questions are the following, namely

1. Can we truly set criteria for judging Calypso, without running the risk of having competing interpretations of those set criteria?

2. Can we have set criteria for judging the Art in Calypso when there will be differing levels of appreciation for the same piece of artwork?

Ambassadors Calypso Tent finally opened

Ambassadors Calypso Tent finally opened for the 2006 kaiso season after a delayed start. Last Saturday night expectations run high among members of the audience. This was evident not only by the packed venue, but also by the gathering’s quickly offered rendition of the National Anthem after a slight technical hitch threatened a few more seconds of tortured waiting.

Carnival is we ting

You know that I listen to the Kaiso Handbook every weekday morning on Radio Caribbean from eight to nine a.m. Tuesday’s discussion about Lucians’ lack of support for carnival fascinated me. It got me to thinking…..

CDF Issues Challenge for a Better Carnival

The Cultural Development Foundation - CDF - has essentially issued an official invitation calling on Saint Lucians to depart from giving Carnival armchair support and to become actively involved in order to make the event truly national.

The Cultural Development Foundation has encouraged more spectators to join one of the twelve bands which will parade on July 18th and 19th.


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