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Carnival Roundup

All Sweet Things Must Come to an End

Lucian Carnival 2013 Comes to a CloseAlright folks, Carnival Monday arrived and I was quite happy to get the day off from work.  My kids and myself decided to stay at home to watch the parade of the various bands live on Choice 39 TV.  

Lucian Carnival 2013 Last Lap Results

Lucian Carnival Last LapRituals Carnival takes band of the year ... again. Ricky T had an undefencible attack on de Mas. Carnival prize giving ceremonyis August 16 and we cwa wait to do this all again for Lucian Carnival 2014!

Band Portrayals:

Captivating 8 Sashing Ceremony

On Sunday, July 7th, 2013, the contestants of the Miss Gros Islet Carnival Queen Pageant, also known as the 'Captivating 8' were formally sashed by their sponsors.

They are:

Gajadhar Launches Bigger Nation Building Calypso Competition

2012 Nation Building Calypso Winner WalleighLocal entrepreneur Rayneau Gajadhar has again come forward – for the third consecutive year -- to sponsor a nationwide competition for ‘The Best Local Nation-building Calypso’. But this year, for the very first time, he’s also introduced a Second Prize – and made it possible for just one song by any local calypsonian to earn the singer as much as $32,500.

Piton Party in the Yard is Back for Carnival 2013

It is back! The biggest annual after work lime for carnival, “Piton Party in De Yard” is finally here. Fans have been clamoring and calling for the return of the event and after some restructuring; Piton Beer has beckoned to the wishes of the people and presents the first in the series for 2013 this Friday June 14. The venue remains the same, the CSA grounds in Sans Souci.

Sneak Peek of Kaiso

For reasons which will remain unknown,  I have to sneak in a peak of Lucian kaiso whenever I can.   And what a sneak peak it was on Friday night when South Tent and Spectrum launched in a joint effort for the first show of the 2013 calypso season.  As I made my way to the Cultural Centre, I felt a little disassociated since the last full calypso season I attended was in 2009.  It was then a mixed bag, with a little of the good, a lot of the bad and a healthy dose of the ugly.  So with an open heart

Pantime Triumphant in Junior Steelband 2013

Pantime Steel Orchestra - 2013 Junior Panorama ChampionPantime Steel Orchestra is the 2013 Junior Steelband Champion. The 35 member youth band, led by Cecil Tortee Philgence captured the top prize at the National Junior Panorama Competition held Sunday at the National Cultural Centre Grounds.

Red Unlimited 2013 Band Launch

Red Unlimited 2013 Band LaunchI’m finally able to place that feeling of Déjà Vu I get when the R3D crew unveils their portrayals and the reactions in the aftermath. It reminds me of a scene from the 1997 autobiographical movie Private Parts:

Dutch Productions Releases Carnival 2013 Music Compilation

With several Carnival bands already launched as all look ahead to Carnival 2013, Saint Lucian record label, Stratosphere Muzic is also getting an early jump on the season with the release of a compilation entited, Lucian Bacchanal.

TOXIK Nation's Costume Teaser for 2013 at the Landings Resort

The Landings Resort - A Rock Resort on the Pigeon Island Causeway was the host venue for TOXIK Nation Carnival Band's 2013 Press Launch on March 25th 7PM. The launch was designed to give the media,sponsors and the general public a taste of the band's 2013 costume portrayal “A Global Fantasy”.


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