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Carnival Roundup

Let De Pans Ring On!

2014 Panorama Champions - Babonneau Steel OrchestraWe love our steelpan and nothing, not even the most outrageous and sexually appealing blackout event could ever keep us from the sweet sounds of "ring de iron" and a hefty serving of the finest musical renditions recomposed and reinterpreted by an oil drum. But there was just something a bit “meh” about Panorama this year.

Rituals takes 2014 King & Queen of the Bands

Martin Dorville "Revenge of Achilles" Rituals King of the Bands 2014Some carnival bands are led or ruled by large costumes that requires great skill, craftsmanship and ingenuity to design and construct.

Ngozi Emerges as the Victor After Inter Commercial Kaiso Battle

Naomi "Ngozi Granderson" - Intercommercial Winner 2014They came in by their hundreds last night and flocked unto the grounds of the National Cultural Centre.  When the call from the MC came that all present should assume an attentive posture, it was clear to all that it was time: the time to decide the future of a clan in one single performance – one single act of bravery.  With a childlike exuberance supporters from near and far secured their spot for what would be a night many had long awaited. 

Just Us Kids Scores Big on World Cup Sunday

Ritual Kiddies King 2014 - "Revenge of Menelaus"I'm sure like us you were torn between leaving home on Sunday and staying in. However, carnival is what we do for 3 months in the year and not even the urge to watch the nail bighting conclusion of Sunday's game could keep us away.

2014 Carnival Route Announced

PRESS RELEASE - Discussions among the Carnival Planning & Management Agency, the Saint Lucia Carnival Bands Association and the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force have yielded the finalisation of the 2014 Lucian Carnival Parade of the Bands route to be followed by revelers on Monday, July 21 and Tuesday, July 22, 2014.

Licia Jn. Paul of Soufriere is Ms Saint Lucia

 Licia Jn. PaulIt’s 1:00am Sunday morning and we have news of the new Saint Lucia Carnival Queen. Miss Soufriere Regional Foundation, Licia Jn. Paul has won the pageant with a grand total of 789.5 points.

1st Runner Up - 722.5 points  - Miss Toxik Carnival Band, Crystal Octave;

2nd Runner Up - 684.5 points  - Miss Piton, Natalie Girard;

3rd Runner Up - 678.5 points - Miss Saint Lucia Tourist Board, Herma Demaque.

Cooperation, honesty and ingenuity provide answers to Calypso's Future

Mary G from South Calypso TentA number of resource constraints, particularly financial, have resulted in what many loyal fans and lovers of the art form have called a "shortened season". Interestingly, this has has forced the implementation of measures for streamlining as the tents fight to be viable and sustainable during very trying economic times not only for them but for patrons as well. 

Bands Association To host Mas Market

In keeping to its promise of preserving the identity of carnival, the St. Lucia Carnival Band’s Association is pleased to formally launch the first ever MasMarket.

Mas Market will bring a special flavor to the carnival list of activities, with the intention of having the event annually and being a product of the St. Lucia Carnival Bands Association.

Shurwayne Winchester and Ricky T release “Bad Company”

​Trinidad and Tobago Soca King Shurwayne Winchester and Saint Lucia’s Ricky T have completed a simultaneous release of “Bad Company,” a song produced by Courtney “Curty” Louis and Horace Darrell with additional keys by Yannick “Fresh Prince” Plante.

Biased and Unafraid

I have heard it is because of disrespect from the planning committee; I have heard it is because of the money they chose to spend on the opening and not on you; I have heard it is because the government cut the subvention.


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