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Carnival Roundup

Carnival 2016 Last Lap

Road March 

1.    "Partners” – Mac 11 (34 times)

2.    "Madd" – Islah Man (12 times)

3.    “Election Karnaval” – Q-PID & Ambi (7 times)

Mas on the Move

1.    Insanity - 74 points

2.     Royalties Xtreme - 71 points

3.    (Tie) Just 4 Fun & Tribe of Twel - 69 Points

Section of the Year

1.    (Tie) Royalties Xtreme "Pancho Villa” & Tribe of Twel “Earthly Angles” - 71 points


Carnival 2015 Last Lap

Road March 

  1. "Perfect Storm” - Ricky T & Superman HD (34 times)
  2. "Sweaf Juke" - CJ (6 times)
  3. (Tie) "I ready to work” - Hollywood HP and “Neighbour” - Sedale (5 times)

Mas on the Move

  1. (Tie) Red Unlimited and Royalities Xtreme - 72 points
  3. Tribe of Twel - 59 points
  4. Just 4 Fun - 57 Points

Section of the Year

Walleigh Retains Calypso Monarch in 2015 Final

Walleight 2015 - KoudmainThe much awaited and sometimes uncertain Calypso Monarch Final (finally) got under way at 8:30 pm Lucian Time or 8:37 UTC-04:00.  To warm us up, the Secondary Schools Calypso Monarch named Blinc made a delightful guest appearance that reassured us that the artform has a strong and bright future … now if only the authorities would remove that illogical age barrier and make the “Big Yard” truly a national competition where all ideas (and ages) can contend.

Just Us Kids takes to the Road on Carnival Monday to Celebrate Victory

Just Us Kids Junior Carnival Band, Winners of the Band of the Year Title 2015 for Jr. Carnival for Fifth Consecutive year will be making an appearance on carnival Monday 20th July. This opportunity was approved by both the Carnival Bands Association and the CPMA giving the kids an opportunity to show case to general public. 

Kiddies Carnival

Kiddies Carnival took off on a very high note, Sunday, July 12, 2015 at the William Peter Boulevard. The children wore some very pretty, creative and colourful costumes from five bands - Sky High Revellers Band, Just Us Kids, Motions Studio, Babonneau Community and Gros Islet Community. The event attracted a good crowd as usual, with lots of curious children in the audience and parents anxious to get "that picture" or the "perfect view".

Yvana David wins 2015 Carnival Queen Pageant

2015 Carnival Queen Pageant WinnersMs Nagico Insurances, Yvana David is Saint Lucia's 2015 National Carnival Queen. There was absolutely no doubt who was winning as it was revealed that Yvana had topped all except one of the pageant's segments. The MCs' attempts to build suspense and nail biting anticipation had little effect as the majority of the crown chanted "Yvana, Yvana, Yvana ... NAGICO" during the long drawn out build up to the final announcement.

Looking Ahead to 2015 as the Curtains Come Down

Since launching LucianCarnival.com on 20th June 2001, we have observed a lot of evolution in the Carnival in Saint Lucia.  Despite many of the challenges, we strongly believe that much has been achieved in terms of growth particularly in creating new opportunities, activities and events.

Ezra Brings Fun and New Life to Lucian Soca

Ezra d'Funmachine​Jouvet morning someone asked me who had won the Soca Monarch competition? "Ezra" I replied. "Ezra?" she asked with a little puzzled look on her face "Who's EarsRa?" I retorted, "But everybody knows Ezra! De man from Red, you know de fella on de Boat Ride video on Facebook." Unhesitatingly she confirms "D'Funmachine!!! Gason why you eh just say D'Funmachine?!?

Arthur is 2014 Groovy Soca Monarch

Arthur​Saint Lucia we proudly introduce your 2014 Groovy Soca Monarch Arthur Allain who was focused on nothing else this year than Carnival. Without any hesitation he was able to snatch victory at appearance position number one.

Walleigh is King and Court Jester

Since the semis,Walleigh wins 2014 Calypso Monarch we knew that it was going to be a close and difficult to predict Calypso Monarch 2014 Final. Seven … no eight former titleholders, plus the rookie of the year and one achiever equals the biggest battle royal that we've seen in recent memory.


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